Why FinNexus

DeFi has come to represent the forefront of blockchain based finance. However, from the perspective of investors, there are a number of key issues the DeFi ecosystem is still not able to solve:

What to invest in?

Lack of diverse investments

Why invest?

Lack of investments with fundamental value

How to invest?

Lack of convenient options for investment

FinNexus's goal

Advancing blockchain based open finance through the

establishment of a one stop shop protocol based on the three pillars

of DeFi (diversity, value, and convenience).

What does FinNexus do

What is FinNexus

FinNexus is an open finance hub making connections

among assets, users, blockchains and service providers.

FinNexus Partners

FinNexus Team

Team Members
  • Boris YangFounder & CEO
  • Bob ChenCo-founder & CTO
  • Maik LiuTechnical Specialist
  • Ryan TianFinancial Specialist
  • Jack TungLegal Expert
Founding Investors

The FinNexus project was initiated by two major founding investors,

Wanchain and SuperAtom.

  • Wanchain is one of the foremost projects in the blockchain industry. The project has made advances in the fields of privacy protection, cross-chain integrations, and proof of stake consensus mechanisms. Wanchain's technology will form the basis for the FinNexus platform, and the Wanchain team will provide comprehensive technical support for FinNexus.

  • SuperAtom is a fintech company incubated by Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM) with various locally licensed fintech companies in the United States, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and more. SuperAtom will play a key role in FinNexus’s early stages by working together to tokenize financial products which provide moderate and stable investment returns.

Steering Committee

FinNexus has established its steering committee with members who are each specialists in their respective fields. From blockchain, mobile internet, finance, law, etc.

  • Jack LuFounder of Wanchain

    Jack is co-founder of Factom, and founder & CEO of Wanchain. In 2013, he entered the blockchain industry and led the projects Factom and Wanchain to achieve multiple technical innovations in areas such as privacy protection, cross-chain protocol, and new consensus mechanisms.

  • Eason ZhangFP of River Capital

    Eason is a founding partner of River Capital, and member of China Youth Angel Investor Leader Association. He has invested over 60 science and technology companies. Has served as the head of product department of Sohu, VP of China Mobile 12580, and president of HNA Group Internet Business.